List of all Chinese Car Brands

When it comes to manufacturing, there are very few countries that can out do the Chinese regardless of the industry. This is no different with the automobile industry where the Chinese have staked their claim as a global power house when it comes to manufacturing their vehicles.

However, it is important to note that just like every other nation that produces automobiles, China does have some partnerships going on that have caused their cars to move from regular to world class.

However, before looking at the numerous collaborations that the Chinese have undertaken with some world leaders in the area of automobile manufacture it is imperative that one looks into the vehicles that are purely Chinese.

One of the more popular brands is the FAW which has managed to create a niche for itself across the globe. These buses are mainly used for public transport where they come in handy due to their economic fuel consumption.

In addition to these buses, there are sedans that are constantly being churned out for consumers both near and far. On the other hand, there are vans manufactured by Dongfeng a company that has been around for decades.

Going back to the partnerships that China has with other world leaders in the avenue of vehicle production there are the two main ones with Ford and VW. Both collaborations have ensured that China is able to manufacture good quality vehicles, which are top quality and affordable to consumers on distinct economic scales.

Although there are numerous Chinese companies that churn out vehicles constantly it is important to note that some are more prevalent than others. One of the more popular ones is the hybrid. Nevertheless, even though its size allows it to zip in and out of traffic with ease, it might not be in a position to compete effectively with some of the other international hybrid varieties in the market.

In short, there are several alternatives one can choose from with regards to Chinese automobiles ranging from trucks to buses and even SUV's. However, as with every other vehicle in the market, the pros and cons of each have got to be carefully considered before purchase.
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